10 Myths About Contact Lenses

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Although the first plastic scleral contact lenses came out in the 1930s, myths about contact lenses remain. Bogey Hills Vision Center, serving Saint Charles, St. Peters, and Cottleville, MO, debunks common myths about contact lenses.

One: A Contact Will Get Stuck Behind My Eye

Despite decades of happy contact lens wearers, this myth still abounds. Your entire eye is covered with a membrane called the conjunctiva that prevents contacts from sliding back behind the eye.

Two: Contacts are All Alike

If you tried contacts before and they did not work, perhaps you had the wrong kind of contacts. An eye exam will allow our optometrist to find the right specialty contact lenses for you.

Three: If You Fall Asleep in Contacts, You’ll Go Blind

It’s best to take your contacts out before going to sleep. However, if you forget and leave them in for one night, you will not be blind in the morning. One type of contact lens, called CRT lenses, is made to be worn overnight to help correct myopia. If you suffer from myopia, ask our eye doctor if CRT lenses are right for you.

Four: Contacts Will Get Stuck on My Eye

This is highly unlikely. Our optometry specialists will show you how properly insert and remove your contacts. With practice, contacts come out very easily.

Five: You Can Share Contact Lenses

Sharing contacts would be like trying to share prescription eyeglasses. It is unlikely you will have the same prescription as someone else.

Six: You Need a Day Off from Wearing Contacts to Let Your Eyes Breathe

If your eyes feel fine and your eye doctor says that it is okay, then you can wear soft lenses every day.

Seven: Contact Lenses are More Expensive than Glasses

In most cases, contact lenses cost about the same or even less than prescription glasses. Replacing contacts is less expensive than replacing broken glasses.

Eight: Only Adults Can Wear Contacts

Teens and children can benefit from wearing contact lenses as well as adults.

Nine: Contact Lenses Will Freeze in My Eyes When It’s Cold

Although you might feel some discomfort in cold weather, contact lenses will never freeze to your eyes.

Ten: You Can Be Too Old for Contacts

You can never be too old for contacts.

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