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It's vital that you maintain your vision in order to take care of yourself and your daily needs. Physical changes in the eyes from age, disease, or chronic condition can make it harder for you to life your life to its fullest. At Bogey Hills Vision Center in Saint Charles, MO, our eye doctors are ready to assist you with your eye care and give the help you need to maintain or improve your vision.

It All Starts with An Eye Exam

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If you're experiencing difficulty with your vision, it’s important to visit an eye doctor before the issue worsens. Our optometrists review your vision history, check the structure of your eyes, look for signs indicating that there's a problem, and make a diagnosis based on their findings. After the exam has completed and a diagnosis is made, our team can help you get the right kind of eyecare to correct whatever vision issue you are experiencing.

Our optometrists at Bogey Hills Vision Center use advanced diagnostic technology in conjunction with their years of experience in eyecare. Patients benefit from the combination of experience and advanced technology in the form of the best possible diagnosis and treatment for any issue. The eye doctor can detect a problem early on in its formation, and help the patient get ahead of the symptoms and conditions associated with the problem. If you are living with an eye disease or a chronic condition, the exam informs the optometrist of any changes in the condition and the kind of treatment that is needed.

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The Eye Doctor Helps with Vision Correction and More

Eye care doesn't end with getting a diagnosis or status update on a chronic condition. The next step our team takes is to make a prescription that treats your specific vision issue, whether it be glasses, medication, or surgery. You'll be able to see clearly again with the help of glasses, contacts, or LASIK eye surgery. Our optometrists can fit you with prescription sunglasses, for those times when you need vision and protection from the sun. Our doctors can also help you with vision issues caused by chronic conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

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If you live in the Saint Charles, St. Peters, and Cottleville area, give us a call at Bogey Hills Vision Center today for all of your eye care needs. Our team of experienced optometrists can help you with your vision needs, and provide you with the right type of corrective lenses or treatment. Set up an appointment for an exam today so you can start seeing clearly again.

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